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Bosphorus Cruise

Find a hotel on the edge of the sea is located approximately 30 minutes after the kusadası a private highway bus ride to Ephesus, we are open-air museum. Nightingale
on top of which there is mary house edirne tours in woodland and forests. was initially very spacious and large, made of bronze statue of Mary on the road. First place is very sacred place since 1970 by Pope has been recognized as a place of pilgrimage. Mary cruciform house is very charming and beautiful. Here mary-era candles and candle upright, I have a very old fountain. Christianity has spread all over the city of Ephesus in Europe after spreading here. After a 10 minute walk and we had to Ephesus open-air museum is spread over a very large area. here are very large excavation and restoration work. Kzı mausoleum of the goods are exhibited here. City of the ancient Greek city of Ephesus is the time of the Roman Empire were made. Ephesus Asia are known as the capital.

Ephesus our first trip here with caravans before the Asian continent and the Arab peninsula after ships from Greece to Italy and from all European
is moved. A port city of Ephesus tours city. Ephesus had a very nice Celcus Libray who harbor. It is this structure which Libray Celcus Ephesus icon magnificent architecture. Outside of the two-storey building in the Arabic manuscripts in Greek and Latin books had. In front of Celcus Libray has 4 pieces of sculpture made of marble. Celcus Libray has been used as a term mausoleum. 600-meter-long path and a King celebration and fun way that the people who attended the king's yapılmaktd. Yapılmıiş is decorated with statues and pillars of marble. Then there is Turkey's largest amphitheater and theater show center and exhibition center very special concerts and performances are held here. Theater and performance hall has a very nice acoustic and light system.


We went to a very nice hotel located in Edirne OldCity, hotel is very nice Edirne Selimiye mosque and had OldCity views. The hotel had a very large and spacious room. Our hotel Edirne caravanserai serves as a very nice boutique hotel refurbishment. All morning we have breakfast with organic and natural. OldCity lunch As we ate, which is unique to the city of Edirne Pan Raw kebab. Şakerl description turkey tours sweet almonds and delight are sold here. Many in Edirne civilization has survived. There are a number of buildings and works made during the Ottoman Empire. Which is on the coast of the city of Edirne Evros river and this has Built during the Ottoman Empire, which has a very nice stone bridge. There are a large number of Maritsa river banks, where many restaurants and tea gardens and tea They served coffee. Finally, the city of Edirne is very wooded and forested place is known as the Green Edirne.

Edirne city has a very special city for the Ottoman Empire Sultan Suleyman the son of Sultan Selim here on behalf of Turkey's largest and most beautiful mosque. Is made with classical Ottoman architecture. Mimar Sinan built 7 years gallipoli tours by the magnificent architecture and art, is the most beautiful place in the city of Edirne. Selimiye Mosque seems from every point of the city. Selimiye Mosque in Edirne is the symbol of the city. Mimar Sinan was also my masterpiece. Selimiye mosque first
There are very spacious and the large ones made of marble courtyard. Selimiye mosque has a very nice garden and a tea garden in the backyard. Our trip here Selimiye mosque we went in and this place is decorated with very nice color pattern model with Iznik ceramics. Selimiye Mosque of the Prophet Muhammad by Allah, and very nice line manuscripts are decorated with calligraphy of writing. Who had made a special capital city of Edirne in the Ottoman Empire. Sultan Murad 2nd time Edirne has been the capital of the Ottoman Empire.


We are here and we went to the city of Troy canakkale 4-star boutique hotel by the sea. The hotel had a great view of the sea and the bosphorus. hotel with our tour guide We met and we attended private tours Troy. We first got to the approximately 45-minute bus ride from the highway after Troy open air museum. Troy numerous and an ancient civilization lived in the city as old as the history of mankind Troy. 9 different layers and bursa tours each layer represents a separate civilization. The first layer
If there is a small castle. Then the top layer in the excavations are exhibited in Hekel ware museum and mausoleum Troy. Troy open-air museum are very large excavation and restoration work since 1980. Troy is in the 9th layer, which is a real ancient Greek and Roman empires DUdUr city. There are many articles in the press and media about Troy. Finally, there is the movie Troy with Brad Pitt in 2002 and played at the statue used in the film Troy Are exhibited in Canakkale seaside park. Troy Temple has a very nice architecture consisting of a single storey structure. Here are spread over quite a large area and a large exhibition center and has been used as a theater and arena here. Theatre and shows great acoustic and light this room has a capacity of 7,000 people
had system. Very spacious and has a long way to the king and the king road is decorated with statues and marble The columns. King path yapılmışt marble. On Troy The oldest written sources Hemeros described in the epic Troy ileum horse statue sakalna have the soldiers, Troy, near the castle of approximately 20 soldiers secretly and opens the door pamukkale tours and enters the castle to become the winning side of the war. 


We went to Istanbul airport transfer istanbul odcity located hotel, Hotel Istanbul Hagia Sophia was very close and had a great view of Istanbul OldCity. Morning Istanbul We met in front of Hagia Sophia square with our tour guide. Square, the Sultan Suleyman the Magnificent Hürrem made on behalf of his wife is very beautiful Turkish bath and had a very nice place after modification serves as a restaurant and tea garden. Here we drank tea and coffee with milk. Then we have a 5 minute walk after Topkapi palace. Here we get to the main building with a very large garden and 3 separate different ways. The middle way is to use the road antalya tours with large and grand sultan. Enderun and here where the schools were trained intelligent children living in the Ottoman Empire. Then, the world's largest of the many precious stones with diamond goods and ottoman sultans treasure is exhibited here. Topkapi palace mansion originally built in Baghdad and has increased the number of times the mansion.

Topkapi palace harem had only the part of women's lives and where her family lives in Sultan. Harem mansion which is quite large and many of the rooms has occurred and is bulunmaktd pool in a garden. Holy relics of the Prophet Muhammad in the room products and establishing the Qur'anic manuscripts written in that period are exhibited here. Has had the room and this is the first Sultan of the Ottoman istanbul bosphorus cruise  , bosphorus cruise   Empire's headquarters, including 11 queens. We are here to walk Hippodrome. Istanbul Hippodrome arena and this is used as the oldest structure. There OldCity Istanbul and Istanbul are the most beautiful place in the city also seems from every point. Hippodrome had a great view of the sea and the bosphorus. Hippodrome galadyat war horse racing and many göeter is made here. Hippodrome last Ottoman Sultan Abdulhamid as the German emperor was built to take the fountain as a gift.

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